Don’t Always Trust Your Intuition. The Three Ways Doing So Will Harm You.

I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.

-Albert Einstein

Many people, including myself, feel that they have superior intuition. They have a tendency to point to the successful “predictions” and “accurate” feelings that they have had in the past. There are even some people who reference their zodiac sign which proves they have near soothsayer intuition. Cancers have an elite intuition by the way. Alas, I am a cancer. And alas, my intuition is great. It is very accurate in some cases. But many times, it gets me in trouble. I am willing to bet that yours gets you in trouble too.

Regardless of whether you are correct more often than not, it is foolish to always rely on your intuition. Doing so can put you in a world of trouble. Here’s how:

  1. Creates Unwarranted Stress: Many times, your ‘intuition’ is simply your speculation, and the inaccurate facts you have created. When you do this to yourself, you create unneeded stress with information that is not even true. This, in turn, can physically mess with your body. Studies show that extreme stress can actually do damage to you on the inside. You do not need this, especially when you create the data that is causing the harm.
  2. Harms or Destroys Relationships: Again, when we create data that does not exist, it creates adverse responses that are unneeded. The miscommunications and depression caused by this can destroy an otherwise healthy relationship. Here is an example: Your significant other is late and has not called you. You immediately think he is being less that trustworthy and loyal. You worry. You curse him in your head over and over. You experience stress, anger and depression all wrapped in one. Later you find out he ran out of gas and his phone battery was dead. This is just one example how trusting a false intuition can seriously affect your relationships. It is not worth it.
  3. Makes You Look (and feel) Crazy: When we freak out about things, especially things that are not even real, we panic. When we panic, we do things that extremely desperate people do. Sometimes, we act as if we have nothing to lose. Reacting this way to a stimulus that was completely created by your mind, is absolutely ridiculous. Evaluate data as it comes in. Look at the facts only. Do not create your own. It will only make you look and feel psychotic.

Thankfully, we can significantly limit these problems by attempting to live life objectively. Do not create a world of stimuli that do not exist. When feeling stressed by false intuitions, ask yourself “What am I thinking?” And after you break it down, only waste your time and energy with what is actually real. Look at what is actually being presented to you. Do not create something that feeds your self-destructive agenda. This is much easier said than done, but doing so will help you live a life with a lot less stress.

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